Now that summer is upon us the days and weekends can be filled with enjoyable activities such as Barbecue and sleeping in. With that in mind the City of Corpus Christi Fire Department has created a list of items that will help ensure a summer that is not only fun, but safe as well.

These are a few suggestions from the Corpus Christi Fire Department that can keep citizens safe:

Have working smoke alarm installed in your home

Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children

Closely monitor you children’s activities

Don’t leave children unattended in the kitchen

Keep BBQ pits and grills at lease 10ft from any combustible structure

Dispose of charcoals in metal can with lid after they have cooled

Roll up sleeves while grilling.

Use long handled barbecue tools

Keep a three foot safe zone around grills, fire pits and campfires

Learn and teach children to “Stop, Drop, Cover Face, and Roll”

When away for home, choose hotels with sprinkler systems and fire alarms

Know where exits are located

Never leave children unattended around a pool

Learn CPR