CORPUS CHRISTI - Many residents and veterans of the area gathered to celebrate Flag Day with a performance by the Veterans Band. Though Flag Day was officially on Sunday the event was scheduled to take place on June 13, a Saturday.

Upon arriving at Sherrill park attendees were treated to the live music of the Coastal Bend Veterans Band under the direction of Ram Chavez. In addition the days events included a ceremony in which the veterans demonstrated the folding of the American Flag and a recognition of the different branches of the United States Military.

For the year of 2015 Flag Day took on an additional meaning as we not only honored the flag and its history, we honored the U.S. Army as well. Saturday, June 13, marked the 240th birthday of the United States Army.

Brigadier General James Mobley, MD, Ret. was the guest speaker who invited us to listen and learn about the history of both the flag and our U.S. Army. While thanking everyone in attendance Mobley also reminded us that “old Glory” still flies on every ship and facility in the United States Armed Forces.

The flag was raised in conclusion of the ceremony as the residents in attendance observed. An honoring of our nations flag and celebration of the Army’s birthday served as a patriotic start to our weekend.