Texas Bass Fishing?

What could a small hook and line bring? Well let’s start with the Laredo Border Chapter American Petroleum Institute (API) Bass Fishing Tournament and cook-off.

This tournament is one of South Texas largest and most successful tournaments, which helps raise money for scholarships. Bass fishermen from all around South Texas make their annual drive to the border town of Zapata, Texas at Falcon Lake to compete in this tournament.

Congratulations to my buddies and friends John Adami and Pete Gonzalez, both from Alice, Texas. Thirty-six bass teams competed along with 20 cooking teams and several raffles cleared more than $38,000 dollars, which go directly to scholarships for children right here in South Texas.

One particular Bass Angler does however stand above the rest. Not just by his statute of 6-foot 3-inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, but by his determination not only to contribute to the tournament but to win the event.

John Adami of Alice Texas is employed by Tubular Solutions and is sponsored by Bowden Ford and South Texas Marine of Alice. John has competed many years in this tournament with his partner Pete Gonzalez also of Alice Texas. In the last three years they have been successful and won twice. John and his partner Pete not only have the determination to win but to contribute to the fund raising of the scholarships for our children.

I sat down with Adami after his win this year and I could see the pride in him as a bass angler and the compassion in his heart knowing he contributed to a child who just might need that extra help or little boost to be successful in his or her life.

What do oilfield and bass fishing have in common and why does it attract them to compete? Well this answer is very easy. The hard work of all the competitors and volunteers who contribute money and time know that all proceeds go to a good cause. Scholarships are awarded throughout South Texas and many students will benefit from this event as they forward their education with a little ease and assistance when they are awarded one of these scholarships.

If anyone is interested in competing next year you can contact the Laredo chapter API tournament chairman Robert Chavez at 830-876-6129 for the Bass tournament and the cook off or ladies Catfish Tournament.

Remember next time you see a bass angler on the road it's not just about a hook and line but the determination of his or her passion to spend time in the outdoors also give back to their community.

We’ll see you in the Brush or on the Bay!