Senior Corporal Charlie Ramirez will officially be retiring from the Texas Department of Public Safety this year. Having recently attended a statewide Inspection Competition for the DPS at Del Mar College.

Senior Corporal Ramirez is a graduate of San Angelo High School class of 1965 and also attended San Angelo State University where he graduated in 1972.

Ramirez Always wanted to join DPS but was 1/4 inch too short and had to wait until the height restrictions were lifted. Having passed all the recruitment requirements other than height he joined the first class following the change in February 1975.

Ramirez was also a coach and teacher at Eden ISD, Texas and served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Tom Green County while he waited for DPS regulations to change. Ramirez has been awarded the National W.H. Hale Memorial Award of 1996 in Minnesota for his original presentation of "Pitch In for Safety".

Ramirez also olds a Masters Peace Officers Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and Education. He has also served in El Paso, San Angelo and Corpus Christi.

As a lifetime member of the Texas State Teacher's Association, Pan American Golf Association member since 1964, member of Texas State Trooper Association and Department of Public Safety Officers Association Ramirez has remained very active in his career with the Texas DPS.

In regards to his retirement Ramirez said "I will miss all my Coastal Bend area media contacts, the many companies that I have worked with and have made safety education presentations to their employees, working with schools from the kindergarten to college level giving age appropriate presentations to their students and being responsive to requests for information when called by the media and elected officials. I hope that I have had a positive influence."

With a 40 year career in the Texas DPS Senior Corporal Charlie Ramirez will be missed in the Coastal Bend.