ROBSTOWN - The Robstown Area Development Banquet was held at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds on June 18. Many city officials and representatives of the Coastal Bend gathered at the fairgrounds to hear more about the emerging developments taking place in their city.

Following the dinner portion of the event the keynote speaker Yolanda Olivarez took the stage and showed the attendees just how well things have been looking for Nueces County.

“It is wonderful to be here in Nueces county and Robstown,” said Olivarez. “Greetings from the President of the United States as the White House knows I am here today.”

Olivarez started her keynote presentation by showing the community members the different services that their tax dollars are paying for. These programs are aimed at serving the community and helping small businesses grow throughout Nueces County.

“I just want to tell everyone, that we are really doing well as a country,” Olivarez said. “In the past 63 months we have continued to have job growth each and every month.”

Olivarez noted that the current unemployment rate is 5.5 which is the lowest it has been since 2007 and was at 4.7 only a few months ago.

With a 4.3% unemployment rate in Nueces County alone the area has indeed experienced growth which Olivarez attributes to small business growth. “2 out of every 3 jobs come from small businesses,” Olivarez said.

Emphasizing partnership between the government and small business Olivarez makes it clear that she wants the Coastal Bend area to embrace the Small Business Association in order to maintain the low unemployment rates in our area. “The SBA does so much more than sign loans, we are here to help your businesses grow so we can all grow,” Olivarez said.

Moving on to the issue of affordable health care Olivarez advocated the Affordable Healthcare Act and pointed out that it was “the right thing to do.” “I have spoken to people who have had cancer, and had to wait a year to have surgery because they didm’t have insurance, this can not happen,” Olivarez.

Not only showing support for small business and the Affordable Healthcare Act, Olivarez notes that the SBA also supports manufacturing in American. Currently the United States is ranked number 9 in manufacturing compared to countries like France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is also an area where the SBA hopes to improve as they look towards bringing more manufacturing to the Coastal Bend. “What I would like, and I spoke with the County Commissioner already, is to have a manufacturing organization here that has big business supporting small business hand in hand,” Olivarez said.

With the SBA showing strong support of Nueces County and figures detailing the economic improvement for our area. One thing remains clear, Progress is here, and the SBA hopes to keep it coming.