Sizzling bacon, fresh lavender, fine, whiskey, and that smell right before a good rain storm. These are all scents that most of us are familiar with and either love or hate.

The sense of smell is one of our most primal features and probably one of our least understood. What is it about certain aromas that send a lightening bolt to our brain causing instant stimulation.

These are questions asked when delving into a world that revolves around the ever changing scent pallets of the world over. In short those are questions when asked in the world of Perfumery.

Always interested in quality craftsmanship and fond of smelling good I decided to take a deeper look into fragrances and how they are made. Upon doing so one thing was made very clear, there is a misconception that needs to be cleared up.

For as long as I can remember every girl I knew related or not had a favorite perfume. For us guys it was usually a question of which cologne from our fathers dresser smelled the best, or had the nicest bottle.

Throughout high school I can remember many birthdays and christmases that brought me new bottles of Polo, Drakkar Noir, or Nautica. Looking back further as a child I do recall being partial to Stetson or even Brute before they made their way into the world of deodorant.

Getting older and maturing our senses and tastes change in several aspects, this includes our sense of smell. For the past few years I have struggled to find a cologne that fit my personality or appealed to my sense of smell.

A few years back I happened upon an announcement that musician Prince was going to release his own fragrance. Being curious I had to sample this scent and was pleased to find something that appealed to me finally.

The downside was it was a perfume. Therein lies the misconception that needs clarification. Perfume is in fact a fragrance that can be made for either men or women.

What is the difference? Simple, as it turns out perfume is a longer lasting scent that consists of what is called notes. That is to say when it is first applied it might smell like one thing, but as hours past it will smell different, but still appealing.

Cologne on the other hand is now mainly made for men, but can be unisex. It is usually bolder, but is one solid scent that does not change and fades out faster.

With that new information cleared up in my mind I sought out samples of Perfume that were made for men, some unisex. Finally, I found what I was looking for in a male fragrance.

As opposed to standard colognes male perfume is not as harsh and brings with it a very sophisticated aroma. From flowers to woods and leathers a good perfume for men will have many tossing out the cologne for good.

One highly sought after ingredient I was fortunate enough to sample was called Oud, pronounced Ood. It struck me as very warm and familiar, something I could not place my finger on but could not stop smelling for the next several hours.

It was intriguing to the senses and left me dumbfounded as to what I was smelling. Upon researching this mystery substance further I found out that Oud is actually a wood infected with fungus.

Highly sought after for its unique bouquet Oud is one of the most expensive saw materials in the world along with Ambergris. It is not unusual for Oud in itís raw form to cost several times the price of pure gold bullion.

Thus my search for a decent cologne led me to an unexpected place, Mens Perfume. As unusual as it sounds it is worth a try for anyone who enjoys smelling good.

The modern consumer marketplace which is now flooded with mass produced scents may not carry these items or even know they exist. However if you do locate some be warned, a proper quality product could cost you hundreds of dollars, and ruin lesser brands for you all together.