The Nueces River Authority, the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation, and the Oso Creek Partnership have teamed up to offer a series of workshops on protecting our waterways on Tuesdays during lunch throughout July and August. President Johnson is credited with saying, “conservation starts were the first raindrop falls”, since no one knows where that is at learning about protecting our waterways is everyone’s responsibility.

During the series key lessons on managing the land resources around waterways will be taught that will be good for homeowners, real estate developers, elected leaders, farmers, natural resource planners, local decision makers, and all stakeholders along Oso Creek, from its headwaters to the Bay.

The series is called Riparian for Lunch. Riparian is a term for the important strip land area that flanks our streams and rivers and is critical for preserving water quality. The sessions are being held at various restaurants in Robstown and on the Southside of Corpus Christi each starting at 11:30am. Participation in any or all the workshops is free, but you are encouraged to bring your own lunch money. The next workshop will be at Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.