On the afternoon of July 4th the city of Robstown experienced a homicide that turned what is supposed to be a day of celebration into one of mourning. Daniel Torres, 37, was struck with a vehicle and stabbed nine times, resulting in his death shortly thereafter, Detective Martin Flores said.

The suspect identified as Cleto Vasquez was with Torres and the two engaged in an argument at approximately 2 p.m. Both men began to leave the area when Vasquez got into his truck and Torres walked on foot towards Indiana Street.

As Torres walked westbound at the 900 block of Indiana Street, Vasquez, traveling in the same direction, aimed his truck at the victim and deliberately sped up, police said. The victim was struck by the vehicle, which then lost control and rolled, landing on the driver side.

Vasquez managed to exit his vehicle and approached the unconscious body of Torres, police said. It was then that he stabbed Torres approximately nine times in the stomach and torso area.

Vasquez fled and Torres was taken to Northwest Hospital in Calallen where he was pronounced dead about 45 minutes after arriving. No arrest have been made as of Tuesday evening.

The Robstown Police Department in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies are currently looking for Vasquez as a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Vasquez is being charged with murder.