The Veterans Band of the Coastal Bend was busy over the holiday weekend as they continue to serve the local area veterans year round. This holiday weekend was no different as the band performed on both Friday and Saturday in observance of the 4th of July.

Under the direction of Ram Chavez the band started their day with a concert for the veterans on McKenzie and Leopard in Corpus Christi. From there the band had to quickly move on to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Thomas.

It was at this resident that the local veteran found his flag was burned which of course meant a lot to the him as well as his family. The veterans band was happy to give this performance as director Ram Chavez notes the important of the flag at many of the band performances.

With the bands performances at an end for the day it did not leave much time to relax as the band 3 more performances to give the following day. On the 4th of July the band held a holiday ceremony at Sherrill Park.

Following the ceremony they performed again during the 4th of July Parade which was also held at Sherrill Park. The band of veterans played from the sideline as the festivities took place.

Later in the day near Rainbow the band again gathered to perform at a 4th of July Neighborhood party. Residents of the neighborhood gathered to celebrate the nations birthday along side the band and celebrate as a community.

On Sunday July 5th the band was honored at the Del Mar School of Music during their 4th of July Concert. In addition to being honored Ram Chavez also served as the concerts guest conductor.