The City of Corpus Christi has finished itís annual water quality report on July 6. A variety of chemical testing microbiological testing and even DNA testing is done to ensure and test the quality of drinking water in the Corpus Christi area and now we have the results of those tests.

With most of the water for our area coming from Lake Corpus Christi and Choke Canyon we also have water supplies that are pumped in from around the state and thus far Corpus Christi has had a superior rating front he state. With most of the concern as of late being on the quantity of our water supply due to drought conditions, however a continuous concern for the city remains the quality of the drinking water.

At this meeting the report showed that the City of Corpus Christi reported that out of 97 contaminants tested, all expectations were met or exceeded by the city. What this means for residents of the Corpus Christi is that the constant testing of our water has again paid off.

With a commitment to quality met the city may now focus on their other commitment to our water supply. The quantity of our water supply and water plans for the future can move forward while our quality remains intact.