To strengthen community engagement, Corpus Christi City Manager Ron Olson invited citizens to participate in "Let's Talk Corpus Christi," a public discussion with their city leaders on Wednesday at the Broadmoor Senior Center.

Corpus Christi residents were divided into groups of specific issues, each led by he City Manager, Deputy City Manager Margie Rose, Assistant City Managers Gus Gonzalez, Wes Pierson and Susan Thorpe.

Director of Communications Kim Womack said the discussion is in a "laid-back" style to make the public comfortable with conversing with officials.

"The event gives citizens a chance to get information, bring ideas, and discuss issues about the city's operations," she said. "It's a conversation where residents can engage with the assistant managers to talk about any concerns or issues," she said.

Olson said the discussion makes it easier for residents to address their issues.

"A lot of people that have questions about our city operations don't know how to go about it," he said.

"You're not getting the run-around at city hall," he said. "Here, we organize issues by dividing them up and they can meet someone face-to-face."

The discussion will always be in a different location in the city to better serve the citizens, Olson said.

Corpus Christi resident Thunder Barragan attended a discussion for the first time and said he plans on making it to any future events.

"It's absolutely wonderful and important for the community to be involved with the operations of the city," Barragan said. "I want to be in on the plan and I want to be part of the solution."