PREMONT- Police officials are still waiting on the results from the autopsy of Premont resident Manuel Garcia who was found dead in his home in July, according to Police Chief Celso Villareal IV.

Garcia, said to be in his mid-forties, was found by his friend Baldemar Quintanilla, who said Garcia looked like he was in a fight since he had cuts and minor scratches to his eyes.

Quintanilla said Garcia was a former city worker who cleaned up the alleys and recently had been fired for smoking on the job.

"He was a great guy," he said. "He worked on cars. That's how he made money."

On the night of Garcia's death, Chief Villarreal said there was a policy in place which prohibits him from discussing or giving out any information before reviewing it with Mayor Norma Tullos.

"A man has died and we don't know why," Tullos said of the situation. "We don't even know if it's a homicide."

Villareal said an update will be given when the autopsy results are in.