Sgt. Tomas Hinojosa holds up his right pinkie and shows where the rattlesnake bit him in a freaky accident that left his finger with a blue tip.

“It feels like a wasp bite and then it started burning,” he said as he laid in the hospital bed.

Right after getting bit by the snake, his finger started turning green and blue. Hinojosa was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice where he is receiving several bags of anti-venom.

About 9 p.m. Monday, Hinojosa went out on a rattlesnake call at a hotel in Freer on the 1100 block of East Riley Street. Once he arrived, Hinojosa used a snare pole to grab the 2-feet snake and killed it with a knife, slicing the head off.

He said he was talking to another individual who wanted the rattles on the snake, which the man cut off the snake.

“It had about 7 or 8 rattles,” Hinojosa said.

He then went to his unit to get a bag and was about to put the rattle-less snake in the bag.

“It just flipped over,” he said. “It was one of those freaky deals cause it was dead.”

The snake penetrated Hinojosa's pinkie finger.

Hinojosa was in Intensive Care Unit at an Alice hospital for a few days and is now resting at home. He said he will start wound treatments on Monday, but was lucky he didn't lose his finger.

Hinojosa has been an officer for 30 years since 1985. He has been with Freer Police Department for 6 years.

Hinojosa said he is feeling well and hopes to go home soon once the swelling goes down.

“Just my hand hurts,” he said smiling. “Just cause something is dead doesn't mean it's not going to react...I learned the hard way.”