September 1st is the beginning of the state's fiscal year. It is the first day of the new budget and the first day that many new laws take effect. You will likely hear in the news about some of the big changes that the Legislature made, like reducing taxes on small business and reducing the importance of standardized tests in schools. However, there are many new laws that you may not know about. Here are a few that may be a surprise to you:

You may have received a gift card with only a couple of dollars left on them. Under a new law you may be able to cash in on gift cards where you have $2.50 or less left. Instead of searching for an item that uses up the balance, you can get that money back.

Another new measure gives you more opportunity to fight against surprise medical bills. The new law allows you to contest surprise medical bills that are $500 or greater from an out-of-network provider. This law is just the first step in helping working families with medical expenses.

And yet another bill will work to reduce fraud at the state's Health and Human Services Agency. The Legislature mandated that fraud investigations be complete within 180 days to ensure that no complaint falls between the cracks and that tax dollars are spent in a responsible manner.