ROBSTOWN- One of the oldest community pharmacies in Nueces County continues to do what it's known best for- providing the best service for their customers.

Modern Pharmacy, located on West Avenue A, was originally owned by C. Adame since 1937. The building was rebuilt in 1964 and later sold to Pharmacist Corando Trevino in 1975.

October 1, 2015 marks 40 years for the Modern Pharmacy with the Trevino family.

Corando's wife Ninfa helps operate the pharmacy while two of their children, Cory and Leila Trevino, are certified technicians at the pharmacy and said they enjoy helping the customers.

"I love what I do," Cory said. "I enjoy talking to customers and helping them learn how to take better care of themselves. If it can help them, that's a better quality of life."

Cory said he has seen everything change within the pharmacy since he was always around as a boy.

The pharmacy has undergone changes from using typewriters to the latest scanners and even new faces to well-known family names.

"I wouldn't get that customer interaction with another job," he said. "And we have so many loyal customers that we've seen them and their children grow up and then bring in their children. We have a great relationship with this community."

The Trevino family shows their passion for their service by communicating with their customers.

Leila has been a tech at her family's pharmacy since 2009 and is currently studying for her master's degree in Public Health with a focus in Chronic Disease Prevention.

She says her job has helped her realize that people need more help than just a prescription.

"Some people that have Diabetes, for example, don't know that there's more to it than taking pills," Leila said. "They don't see that the problem is their diet. They need to know more about their health problems."

Another factor that puts Trevino's Modern Pharmacy up at the top is fast customer service.

"They're not just a number here," Cory said. "If people go to another pharmacy, you have to wait hours. We're usually quick at getting the prescriptions out, but if it's not ready, they have the option to wait here and they will be priority."

The Trevino's also offer delivery for a $1 fee and sometimes free for those who qualify.

If there's ever a problem with a prescription, Cory said they have a great relationship with local physicians and will get the issue resolved.

"Knowing the local physicians equals a faster response and helps our patients get their medication sooner," he said. "We take pride in serving our community."