It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

I love that phrase because when it's my birthday it says to me that I can do and wish whatever I want. I have so many fond memories of my many birthdays I've had throughout my life. And I'm not saying how many.

Okay, 39 and holding.

It feels good when family and friends spoil me and I start receiving good-well wishes. One of my good friends Nena Castillo-Pitts surprised me this week by visiting my office. She just walked in and started decorating my office with birthday banners, princess crowns, balloons and roses and wine.

My other BFF Dee Dee Arismendez is always there for me.

Also my co-workers got me one of my favorite cakes Sunshine cake which has cool whip frosting with pineapple that's to die for. And thanks Marty Almaraz for my strawberry cake, balloon and card. I'm just one lucky lady to have a lot of friends that are true friends.

Never a dull moment.

Also we had a dinner with my girlfriends on Thursday and they are crazy and so much fun. Thanks Bertha Rodriguez for putting that together for me.

And on Friday night we will be celebrating with more friends with barbecue cooked by Tim Neal and lots of good company. And for those who are wondering why I posted by birthday was Sept. 1 last month, let me explain.

Since I was such a smart young girl (Lol) at the age of 4, my dear mom (who is now deceased), felt I needed to start school and not waste another year. You see, I was born Oct. 9, but as many of you may already know in order to start kindergarten school, children need to be 5 years old by the cut off date of Sept. 1. I missed that date by just over a month.

So in order for me to go to school early, my dear mom changed my birth certificate to Sept. 1 so I could get out of the house and go to school. Thanks mom.

Many of my classmates remember that I always celebrated two birthdays. One with my classmates and another with my family.

And that's why I posted it was my birthday on Sept. 1. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But don't get confused, my real birthday is today, Oct. 9.

So I want to thank everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday and has sent me gifts, cake, flowers, etc.

Y'all are very kind and that's a reason I've always loved my community. We have beautiful people in Alice who are caring and sincere.