Dear Editor,

I got a report from the website of City of Alice. The list costs of the multi-use money pit so far. The report is not done where all things are listed. Where is the cost of the land? No where is that cost listed. Was the land a gift from a nice family to the city? There a lot of to "be determined later on the report".

I am truly disappointed that none of our elected officials has seen fit to call in an investigation into the cost of the money pit. It does not appear that any one in office any where in Jim Wells county gives a damn.

What gives with the upkeep of our streets where the railroad crosses the road. Drive any place like Main St, 3rd St. and 5th St. and you see what I mean, Is the street the responsibility of the railroad or the city? The only thing I have seen is where the city have put hot mix that last about two days. Is this the best we can do. Somebody should take the lead in fixing the crossings. Come on city council, you wanted the job so do it.

Mario H. Marroquin

Alice, Texas