Immanuel Lutheran Church parishioners celebrated first 100 years of ministry with a service and luncheon.

The JROTC of Alice High School conducted the color guard with Pledge of Allegiance.

During the service Mayor Ike Ornelas presented Pastor Jim Craver a proclamation.

Craver told those in attendance that the church started with a small group with great faith. After requesting a pastor, in 1913 Rev. A. Kluge was sent to Alice. In 1914, regular services along with Sunday school were held and in 1915 the congregation was formally organized under a constitution. 

Pastor Craver at the service asked all the children to sit in the front altar. He used a pumpkin to symbolize our bodies and explained to the children that a pumpkin has messing insides like those who are sinners. And God loves them unconditionally, but with His help, they too can become better individuals, by cleaning out their insides.

Craver removed the seeds and insides of the pumpkin. He also showed how God gave each of the children eyes, nose and smile as he removed portions of the pumpkin to reveal the eyes, nose and smile. He then lit a candle and put it inside the pumpkin to show how each of the kids can also shine and be good citizens. 

Craver gave each of the children two pieces of candy - one for them and another to share with a church member.

After the services concluded, everyone was invited to a barbecue luncheon and a video displaying individuals and events at the church.