Living in the rural South Texas area, Deputy Hector Zertuche, Environmental Officer with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department, has seen an increase of killing and illegal dumping of animals.

Hunting season began in the early part of November and will last until January 2016.

On Wednesday, Zertuche found hogs and deer carcass on County Road 247 and 220.

While hunting in South Texas is a way of life and with the holiday season in full swing, Zertuche understands that more hunters are in the area. However, he stated that killing these animals with no intent of eating the meat or using the hides is not good hunting practice.

"Why hunt these animals if you're not going to eat them," he said. "It's better to not shoot them."

Zertuche stated if a hunter kills an animal with no intent of eating it, they should dispose of it properly.

"Don't throw it out in the open for the birds and other animals to eat," he said. "Bury it, give it to someone who will make tamales."

Zertuche expects to see more illegal dumping throughout the hunting season.

If anyone is caught illegal dumping hunted animals, they can be arrested, spend six months in jail and receive a fine.