The Navy Band is coming home to Kingsville, Texas, one of nine cities across the Southeast to host performances by Navy Band Southeast chamber ensembles during the month of December.

The Navy Band Southeast Starboard Sounds Saxophone Quartet performance is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 at 2 p.m. at TAMUK Music Building Recital Hall, 905 West Engineering Ave., Kingsville, Texas. 

Established in 1995, Navy Band Southeast is one of 11 official U.S. Navy Bands. Proudly representing the Commander, Navy Region Southeast, the band consists of 45 professional musicians dedicated to the highest levels of musical performance. Highly versatile, the band and its various chamber ensembles perform for a wide variety of musical settings including military ceremonies, public concerts, parades and more. Inspiring pride and patriotism through music, the band performs more than 500 engagements annually throughout the Southeastern United States.

Navy Band Southeast's Saxophone Quartet, Starboard Sounds, performs music from a variety of styles including classical, jazz, funk, patriotic music and more. This ensemble is well suited to perform chamber concerts for the general public, background music for dinners and receptions, classroom visits for music students and performances for holiday events. 

One of the Navy Band’s primary responsibilities is conducting public outreach through music. The band’s performing units conduct regional tours, participate in Navy Week events, and perform for schools, and the public to reach out to audiences in areas of the country that do not have opportunities to interact with the Navy on a regular basis. The concerts are family-friendly events, meant to be entertaining to veterans, families, individuals and those interested in joining the Navy. 

"America's Navy has only recently adopted the motto, 'Being There Matters,' but it's been a part of what we do for many years - through music - and therefore Navy bands are integral to our national security," said Capt. Brian O. Walden, the Navy Band’s previous commanding officer. "Today, Navy bands are still performing around the world, acting as agents of public diplomacy for the American government, improving relations with our allies and winning the hearts and minds with the universal language of music."

All Navy Band performances are free and open to the public.