Challenge Team has been around for eleven seasons and has been coached by English teacher Susan Day for the past three. Now, she has assembled a team of all seniors, Dylan Cheek, Elyssa Laing, Josh Lightfoot, Thomas Morin, Ben Schneider, and Audree Zurick for Challenge Season XI.

“I feel confident in the abilities and knowledge of my teammates this year. I am sure we will do very well in competition this year,” Thomas Morin said. “My goal is to learn as much as I’m able and assist my team in doing the best we possibly can.”

Challenge is a local quiz bowl single-elimination tournament held here in south Texas and hosted by Carroll English teacher, Eric Boyd. The trivia questions range from math and science to social studies and English. It is sponsored by KEDT, a local television station, and also by HEB, CITGO, and the Navy/Army Credit Union.

“I tried out because Ms. Day asked me to do this last year,” Elyssa Laing said. “I’ve seen the games on TV since I was little, whenever my siblings were in high school, and I thought it would be fun to see if I could do it.”

Ms. Day warns that a few schools to watch out for in competition are King and Flour Bluff as they have a tendency to be quite intelligent. However with the hard work and dedication of the Calallen team, success appears to be a great possibility.

“My studies usually involve my laptop which I use to visit many different sites on varying topics that will further my knowledge and allow me to bring even more to the playing field,” Dylan Cheek said. “My goals for this season are simply to do the best I can and help my team on and off the stage.”

Whatever team wins gets awarded scholarships by Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Calallen High School actually won the first two seasons of Challenge Team. Two years ago, the team made it to the semi-final round, and while they went out on round two last year, Ms. Day hasn’t lost any enthusiasm. 

“I love coaching Challenge; it’s a very exciting fast-paced game,” Ms. Day said. “Calallen actually holds the record for most games won. We hope to keep up the tradition this year!” 

The first Challenge match includes Calallen does not premiere until January 21 on KEDT at 7:00 PM, so be sure to tune in and support the Wildcats!