Damien Lee Lewis, 17, an Alice High School student, listens patiently as Mayor Ike Ornelas read a proclamation Thursday declaring Dec. 10 as Damien Lee Lewis Day.

El Maestro, as many of his friends from Boys and Girls Club nicknamed him, is musically inclined and can play any song on the keyboard with perfect pitch after hearing it just once. Damien is autistic and legally blind and enjoys entertaining the children and staff of the Boys and Girls Club.

He tells Executive Director Rick Del Bosque he enjoys playing.

"Rick, I like to play because it makes people feel happy."

About two dozen club members along with councilmen, city manager and interim city attorney were present at the city council meeting as Damien received the proclamation. 

After the presentation, the kids gave Damien a group hug.

"We, the staff, club kids, and board members, have formed a strong family bond with this young man," Del Bosque said. "We congratulate Damien for this wonderful recognition."