Corpus Christi – On Wednesday morning, The Gonzales family drove from their home in Beeville, Texas to Corpus Christi for a very special reason. They were heading to the Corpus Christi Fire Station 7 to personally thank the first response officers for saving 13 year old Colton Gonzales' life.

In a meeting at Station 7 Gonzales and his parents met with station personnel, fire Department officials and even Robert Rocha, the fire chief for Corpus Christi. Gonzales and his family expressed their appreciation for the life saving efforts of the members of Fire Engine 7 and Medic Unit 6.

It all started with a follow up visit to Driscoll Children's Hospital after having spinal fusion surgery to correct severe scoliosis. While getting ready to leave the hospital, Colton had a heart attack. The visit had gone well for Gonzales who was there with his parents Leroy and Rosa. His parents started right away with CPR while trying to get help for their son. While Mrs. Gonzales was doing the chest compressions, an unknown stranger came to their aid. “She said go get your phone, call 911. I'll do CPR,” said Mrs Gonzales.

After calling 911 Engine 7 and Medic 6 were on the scene within minutes. “We have a short window of time to restore the heartbeat, seconds count. Because of the help of his parents and bystanders, we were able to fall in that window and save his life,” said Fire Fighter II Adam Cortez who is assigned to Engine 7.

The Gonzales family is very grateful for everybody who helped them and wish to thank their son's guardian angel but have no idea who she is. “She doesn't work for the hospital and nobody recognized her when we looked at the security camera footage, said Mrs. Gonzales.

Also grateful to have this opportunity were the emergency members. “It's not like the movies and usually it goes differently. It's nice to see him up and walking around,” said Engine 7, Fire Fighter II Thomas Cruz.

Gonzales has since been diagnosed with ventricular fibrillation and now has an internal cardiac defibrillator to keep him from having another heart attack.

He has received an outpouring of support from his community and was even made an honorary member of his local S.W.A.T. Team back in Beeville. But most importantly his parents are glad that he survived and is recovering so well.