While visiting Lewisville, Texas, I traveled 15 miles north on Interstate 35E and went to Denton. I met another wonderful personality there.

This lady has survived a divorce and has successfully supported her two children. Her teenage son is a high school freshman that she hopes will graduate in four years. He is six feet tall and intimidating because of sheer size. However, she says he is polite and has the best manners any parent would want.

Her son plays football, basketball and other school sports and does well academically in school. His mother has taught him to become self-sufficient.

At his age and size, her son requires a lot of sustenance. Helen spoke of how his grandfather has welcomed her with open arms in euphoria at the end of her son's two-week vacation with his grandparents. It's the nourishment, the food expense, it is just incredible. You do the math. Yet no single mom could be more proud of her children.

Helen works for the Medicaid unit to determine eligibility for community nursing and community clients. She is soft spoken, but knows what she wants in life. She is also a strong leader like most American women.

She loves what she does and is good at it. She cares and believes in giving excellent service to her clients.

"Those are the expectations of the job," she said. "My dream is to work in El Paso and live in Juarez, Mexico for at least five years."

She is in excellent health. She works a second job to help pay the costs of living. She referees two or three basketball games each day on weekends. That is a lot of running. That is why she is fit.

She dreams of starting a soul food/Mexican restaurant some time in the future after moving to Mexico.

"I have always thought of living either in Italy, Africa or Mexico," Helen said. "Mexico seems to be the more practical because of the proximity."

Helen believes that everyone should have or make the opportunity to live in a foreign country for at least five years to learn and appreciate other cultures and their own.

She is not fluent in Spanish.

"We learned proper English at my home growing up because of my mother," she said. One day a week her significant other and her speak only in Spanish. Her companion helps because he knows how much she wants to learn Spanish.

Helen is also a budding writer that has just found her muse and is back to writing in her journal. My visit to this Denton office was to see someone else, but this friendly personality shared her story.

Footnote, her significant other is from Robstown and the Godson of my deceased brother, a barber in Denton for 30 years. This man is also the nephew of my sister-in-law, formerly from Carrollton.

If I had planned this meeting, it probably would not have happened. Coincidence? Yes. Everybody sing, "It's a small world after all."

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.