Stop trying to hold on to the people we lost? Sound like a difficult task? That includes relatives, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes the disagreement that we have becomes bigger than life itself. It becomes difficult to continue with our daily lives.

Starting this New Year, we need to turn to those people that we still have in our lives, especially the positive ones. Let's remember those people that give us real positive energy.

Those people are the ones that you want to nourish because you are good for each other. Easier said then done, but possible. Add to your positive energy garden this New Year.

Which reminds me, I was driving towards the church rectory to get a key for the practice room for our Saturday choir. That's a choir-chore, which is enjoyable and wonderful at the same time.

While driving, I saw a gardener. I am a tree person. I love to plant and care for trees because they branch out, have shade capabilities and bear fruits of labor.

I have planted a variety of 25 trees successfully in my home property. Many are fruit-bearing trees planted from saplings. They are my choice of added responsibilities that provide ground connection with nature and bestow much personal satisfaction.

Trees through the process of photosynthesis provide oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds. They are a sanctuary for birds, animals and insects in the life cycle. What's not to like?

Let me return to the gardener that I saw. Upon feasting, and trust me, to me it was feasting my eyes on the potential of a homemade garden, my mouth salivated with the thought of homegrown tomatoes, cauliflower, okra and assorted vegetables. But that's just me.

I stopped when I saw the proprietor. I introduced myself and started asking questions about his garden. Mr. Z, the owner, a retired gentleman, seemed to get as much pleasure talking about his garden as I did listening. Here I am a future gardener with potential.

I had never met this person before but I felt a kinship because of our common ground. He showed me how he used PVC pipe, dug about a foot into the ground, as a water-well fertilizer combination tool. This man had vegetables, grapevines, grapefruit, pecan and orange trees. I was so excited about this wealth of nature that can be ours with just a little bit of work from the ground up.

Mr. Z told me he even started a special no-chemical planting section that would be his first. His attitude was nothing ventured, nothing gained. This gentleman was kind, friendly and shared his knowledge and experience.

With a smile in his face, he gave me something to look forward to in this New Year. He is a friend that I did not know. He has positive energy that he willingly shares.

Could he replace some negative energy that we sometimes encounter from our pseudo friends? This gardener shared more than one type of fruit from his labor.