This is an occurrence about a friend's wife being disabled having someone come out and give them a price on cleaning their house once a month. These were illegal immigrants that supposedly take the jobs American citizens won't do.

After researching, a lady which spoke very little English said her price was $400 the first month for general cleaning, and after that it would become $250 a month for a three-bedroom house, and anything else would be extra, but no heavy cleaning. Then she would give them a discount if yard work was included, which would be an extra $200 for up to an acre of grass cutting only, but no hauling, flower beds, or digging of any kind. They told her "adios" as nice as they could.

I see in the news that American citizens are having trouble getting jobs. Their applications won't even be taken, yet these are called jobs American citizens don't want. Several South Texans, all U.S. citizens or legal residents, are suing various agricultural companies in the region and the U.S. Department of Labor is in federal court in Del Rio, alleging they were passed over for jobs because of their legal status.

It's an ironic twist to the long-held argument by us that employers are forced to look for workers south of the border because they simply can't find any local taker. Common sense will tell you that at least about 12 million, and no telling how many more, will take any job they can find at any price they are offered, and they will dominate all jobs which many American citizens would love to have.

These illegal immigrants are also getting free benefits and the best jobs, and it's only going to get worse until we control our borders and stop the free giveaways, which would slow down their seemingly fast move to this country.

An H2A visa is meant solely for farm work while the H2B is for non-agricultural jobs, typically in the hospitality and services areas, but once here, they are given first-come, first-serve to jobs with no questions asked. I believe if each illegal immigrant who is said to work in the fields cuts one head of cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onions, etc., in one month we could supply most of the world with food.

I believe this old dog won't hunt, but I do believe if enough American citizens form a line from Brownsville to Canada to protest the American citizens' rights and stop off long enough to vote against the money-hungry creeps outsourcing our jobs, it's possible we will see better days and even a smile from the future generation that just might wake up one day and see the people of this country being put first for the first time because we stood up for our given rights.