We are talking about a used Bud, not the drink, but my best friend Buddy. This incident, that I will share, made Bud feel so used.

It was Mirabeau Jo Cargo; even her name was suspicious, that used Bud to make her boyfriend jealous. Why? Bud was the most vulnerable because his manner is a quiet, polite manner. He is not a person of conflicts, not a fighter. He is just easy to bully.

Bud is loyal, faithful and a devoted friend and family man. He could not understand. I don't understand. My first thought was that Mirabeau was evil or mean and evil.

Explain? Understand? Why try and destroy Bud marriage, his life? Mirabeau's boyfriend threatened Bud's life in the late evening by telephone call. He got the call while we waiting to go to dinner with his wife.

"How can it be explained?" Bud asked. "How does a courteous or friendly hello be interpreted as more than that to that someone? I am just an old married man and do not see myself as an attractive person to anyone but my loving wife; but my wife is married to me."

Bud has always been thoughtful, loyal, kind and faithful to his wife, family and friends. Now this happens and turmoil prevails.

Bud was scared of what could have happened with this incident. Fanatical people do foolish things and that threatening phone call was irrational.

"Buddy, call the boss and tell him about this threat. Report it to the front desk and request a phone call block," I guess I was thinking now.

Bud said that Mirabeau's boyfriend accused him of making a "request from the front desk that Mirabeau's room be moved to the same floor as mine."

"What?" his wife exclaimed.

Bud continued: "that I serenaded her with my guitar. I do not even own a guitar, much less know how to play one."

This was getting weirder by the minute. I told Bud that I was glad we had not gone to the same restaurants, as her, during our training.

Interesting enough, Buddy had mentioned that Mirabeau demonstrated peculiar behavior that he could not pinpoint. Not giving it too much thought, we just decided to stay away from her group.

Well, what can we say now?

Yes, it got dreadful having to answer to our boss why the boyfriend threatened Bud. "Also, why did you sing a valentine song to her?" That is what she alleged happened. We did not have a guitar.

Buddy ended up having to transfer to another unit because it was decided by management. It is sad that instead Mirabeau was not transferred out of the unit.

Buddy is working in a different office, which means we do not go out for coffee together anymore. On the positive side, Bud is still a happy family man, because he did not do what was alleged and I can attest to that information.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.