To wake up in a different city can be just amazing. Yesterday, I drove through San Antonio, Austin and Dallas on a journey that would lead me to a stopover at my sister's home in Lewisville. It was an uneventful drive.

The weather got colder the further north I got. The year was just born less than eight hours ago when I started my drive.

Upon arriving in Lewisville, I had two different people contacts within a 25-minute time period on the 15th hour of the New Year, or 3 p.m. for you non-military readers. Which experience would I like to remember? You decide.

I stopped and filled up my vehicle with gasoline using my debit card. After finishing with the gasoline fill-up, I looked toward the inside of the small store. Then I proceeded to walk inside this Shell gasoline station to use the bathroom facilities.

The male attendant directed me to the cold weather outside of the building and pointed to the outside corner. I walked outside and the door was locked. I returned inside to speak to the male attendant to ask: "Do you have a key?"

"Oh, yes, the key is right here," the attendant replied. "You can use it."

My next stop was at a chicken restaurant to ask for directions to a nursing facility that I was going to visit. I spoke to a lady. She then called the manager, who was a young man of college age.

"I am not sure where this place is located, but if you give me a minute I will MapQuest an inquiry and print a map for you," the young manager said.

Unbelievable, the businesses were within five blocks of each other. My smile was now almost uncontrollable. The friendliness and willingness to give great service beyond the call of duty was refreshing. I had not bought anything, but I would come back.

Your cup is half empty or it is half full. I did not even have a cup and I came out of that last interaction with at least a half cup.

Now I could continue on my journey to the nursing home and take care of my visit. It was a wonderful place to visit. The employees were friendly, cooperative and taking care of their duties as a team.

I visited my sister and her family. That was the best start for any New Year that I have ever had. I missed my sister and got to tell her that I loved her.

As easy as it is to say, it is equally difficult to say or communicate because our society does not always encourage that type of commitment in words.

My sister was happy to see me and we had a grand time visiting. I will be a wealthier man when I leave and return home from this journey.

To be truthful, any journey can result in a lot of fulfillment and wealth if you have the right frame of mind.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at