The New England Patriots changed the new emphasis to the spelling of noon.

It became 12-0-0, but NFL history in the making is why this year's spectators, the football fans, are all about breaking the network viewing ratings.

Expectations are that the numbers go into the teens (13-0). But enough said about the Pats. How about them Cowboys?

Fallout has been glorious. The Cowboys passed the 10-win mark and underlined it when Ellis, Newman, Ware and Canty were presented the All-Iron Award after the Thanksgiving Day win over the Jets.

The playmaker's award added to 10-year vet team leader Greg Ellis' 10 sacks; and DeMarcus Ware's 10 sacks illustrate Coach Wade Phillips' style of aggressive defense.

All we need is love. Why do I say that? When our 4-year-old godson was visiting, he said: "I want to play, too." My preteen granddaughter and I were playing basketball. I got him one of those miniature soccer balls that was perfect for his tiny hands.

We were careful to allow time for tiny tot to move away from harms way when we shot our baskets. We even set up a large plastic container to facilitate the basketball shots for my godson.

"No Padrino, I want to use that one," he said, pointing to the backboard that hovered about his tiny body. He tried and tried and surprisingly enough he got close to making a basket on a few shots.

After over an hour of playing and only a 10-minute water recess, his face had the rosy red cheeks of the little children, as the song goes. Now I understand. "It's time to go home for godson."

You could tell he was tired but there was a weak smile you could see on the corner of his mouth. His mom was helping him buckle his seatbelt and he stopped her.

He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I love you Padrino." Now let me tell you part II; our 3-year-old granddaughter spent the night and she came and knocked on our bedroom door before she would go to sleep and said: "I love you grandpa."

Talk about things that you cannot put a monetary value or price tag on.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at