Now that I've taken my leave, and said good-bye to my Hilltop family, I'm looking forward to exciting things in my hometown of Reno, Nev.

First on my list is to see my mother, who is now in an assisted care home and in need of lots of family visits.

My sister is just finishing up on remodeling parts of her home and I'm anxious to see all their changes. Her home was beautiful to begin with and I'm sure it will be fun and amazing to see what they have done.

Last, but certainly not least, is my daughter and her family with whom I've needed to visit for over a year. The last time I saw any of them I could hardly walk for the severe hip pain I had. It was all I could do to bear the trip home, let alone do any more traveling.

All that is in the past now with my very successful hip replacement surgery having taken place. I still find it hard to believe that the pain is gone and I am most grateful to all my doctors and therapists for doing their work so well.

I just received the exciting news that my 6-year-old granddaughter, Tabitha Ann, went through an audition last week and was chosen to dance in the Nutcracker Ballet with the Moscow Ballet Co. in early December. This child has been singing and dancing her life, since she was old enough to make noise and move around. Notice I said she sings and dances her life, not that she's been doing it all her life.

Whatever has happened in Tabby's life for all her six years has been related in song and dance. No matter what is going on, Tabby expresses it with her own music and movement. She told her mother at the beginning of this school year that she wanted to have everyone know who she is. When Amy asked how she planned to do that, Tabby said that she planned to dance and sing like the people on TV.

Amy said if that was the case, they'd better get started, and both dancing and voice lessons were added to the family schedule. So, here she is, after only a few months of lessons, chosen to be up there with a professional ballet company. Her teachers say she has amazing stage presence, which was no news to any of us. At 3, we could hardly get her off the Chuck E. Cheese stage during her birthday party.

We would lose her, and then look up to see her back on the stage. It's so nice that her teachers have given it a name other than pure, old ham. Whatever it is, look out world.