We get to an age where we almost think that we have learned enough to teach. There must live an appearance of wisdom in our development; although at times we remain uncertain to a large degree.

More pain comes with age, which is so awkward because we never know how to react to it. If it hurts just a little bit, is it OK? Maybe or maybe it is not. Should you talk to someone? Your friend, your older sibling, your spouse, your pastor, your teacher or school counselor are good choices to consider.

We tend to think that a little pain is OK if we do not talk about it. However, studies have shown that keeping "a little pain," "a little anger, hurt or stress" will grow from a little to bigger and not necessarily better.

It is difficult to share our emotions that express the "little pain" that we live with that should be vented or shared so as to understand it to a certain degree or even help get rid of it.

Why am I on this "little pain" topic? I will tell you why. As a youngster, I found that I never shared that little pain, whatever it happened to be at the time. Now I look at what I go through on a daily basis and find that it is indeed a relief to share even a minuscule burden of a little pain. Why not?

We forget that we can actually ask for understanding from our fellow human beings: friends, relatives, and general public. And we all speak of how we are there for you, our friend.

We as normal humans usually have a conversation with ourselves to rationalize why someone will not understand or help alleviate your little hurt.

But we do not always give the other person the opportunity to participate.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is OK to ask for a little help from my friends, Lennon and McCartney did it. Try to get a little understanding to get by and deal with whatever ails you. Give it a try. I bet that you would be surprised that at least some of the time, that someone will understand and help you deal with that little pain.

That is what being human is to me, helping each other cope with what

we can not cope with at the time that we run across such a problem.

Who can believe that giving a little understanding can mean so much to a person? When we vent about whatever it is that ails us, we let out what is called "hot air." That hot air energy can become a "time bomb" if we bottle it up and do not release it in small amounts safely and appropriately. It can literally explode and do some damage to someone or to something.

Look at babies, for goodness sake, and notice why they are so happy.

They are always sharing (releasing) some kind hot air with their variety of noises. Remember all the goo goos and gaah gaahs that are the baby noises and they even smile. Why don't you? Smile.