It's official. The BCS system has failed miserably. I don't understand why the concept of a playoff is so complicated for these people.

This year, we have a two-loss team playing for the national title, while the lone undefeated team, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, are not.

I get it. Hawaii plays in the WAC conference. It's a weak conference, but you know what? They got through it unscathed.

I'll be honest with you. Do I think they deserve to play for the national title? I don't think so. Yes, they are an offensive powerhouse with Heisman candidate Colt Brennan throwing touchdowns left and right.

But I don't see him doing what he has done in his collegiate career against a defense like Ohio State's, LSU's or Virginia Tech's.

Ohio State made the championship game despite not playing in the last two weeks. At 11-1, the Buckeyes finished the regular season on top for the second year in a row. However, the computers put them at No. 3, which almost took them out of contention for the title game. In this year's championship game, they got blasted, 41-14, by the Florida Gators, the 2006 SEC champion.

On Jan. 7, they have to face another SEC champion and hope for better luck.

LSU climbing from No.7 to No. 2 was the right thing to do. Most of the time, it's hard to justify a team getting into the National Championship game with two losses.

That was not the case back in 2001 when the Nebraska Cornhuskers were No. 4 in The Associated Press and USA Today polls, yet the BCS system placed them at No. 2.

Oregon and Colorado won their respective conferences. In fact, Colorado beat Nebraska to win the Big 12 Championship, but apparently Colorado was not good enough for the computers.

LSU actually won the SEC title game against Tennessee. In addition to that, LSU beat the most top-25 teams this season with six.

As I look at the other two-loss teams, it makes sense that LSU deserves the No. 2 spot.

Virginia Tech finished No. 3, which I thought was ridiculously high. The computer polls put them at No. 1. How a team that lost by 41 points to LSU almost gets the No. 2 slot over LSU is beyond me. Sure, they won the ACC title game, but the ACC was arguably the weakest of the six power conferences this season.

Finishing No. 4 were the Oklahoma Sooners. They got the shaft for the title game for two reasons - Colorado and Texas Tech. Sure, the Big 12 has gained a lot of respect this season and Oklahoma did beat No. 1 Missouri to win the Big 12 Championship, but when you lose to solid Texas Tech and a mediocre Colorado team, it hurts a lot.

At No. 5 were the Georgia Bulldogs. This team looked like they should have automatically been the No.2 team since they were No. 4 last week before Missouri and then-No. 2 West Virginia lost.

My theory on why Georgia did not go to the National Championship game is this.

After seeing Nebraska not make the Big 12 Championship game, the BCS got blasted for giving them the bid for the title game instead of Oregon who was ranked No. 2 in The Associated Press and USA Today polls.

The BCS got blasted again in 2004 when the No. 1 team in the country, USC, did not even play for the title game.

Oklahoma got a pounding from the Kansas State Wildcats, 35-7, during the 2003 Big 12 title game. Yet, for some strange reason, they got the bid for the title game, where they eventually lost to LSU.

After those screw-ups, the BCS probably figured that LSU should go to the national title game this season since LSU actually won its conference game in the SEC. And since Georgia did not make the title game, they got the boot, but at least they got an at-large bid to the Sugar Bowl.

I'll get to No. 6 later. Next up at No. 7 are the USC Trojans.

This team was left for dead after its embarrassing home loss to the Stanford Cardinals. They also lost to an Oregon Ducks team that looked like they were easily going to the championship game before quarterback Dennis Dixon's torn ACL injury ruined them.

This team caught some lucky breaks, and there was a possibility they could make the national title game. But again, a loss to Stanford looked too ugly for consideration.

Now we get to No. 8. A team that has absolutely no business being considered for a BCS game got in. I'm talking about the Kansas Jayhawks.

Yes, they finished with an 11-1 record. But with a non-conference schedule so easy that the Miami Dolphins can handle it, the Jayhawks somehow weaseled their way into the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech.

I want to give the No. 6 Missouri Tigers a hug. Their only losses came against Oklahoma, and they beat Kansas.

Kansas ranks 110th out of 119 in strength of schedule, while the Tigers are in the top 20s in strength of schedule.

I understand that the Jayhawks were this year's Cinderella team, but the clock stuck midnight after getting beat by Missouri

It's another great example of a great season ruined by stupidity.

This season has proven to many college football fans that the system has failed us…again.

I can longer make exceptions for this joke of a system.

The BCS should change its meaning from the Bowl Championship Series to the Boneheaded Computer Series.