Joe Santos Medina

Today my wife was commenting on the excellent job I had done on our built-in entertainment center. That was from my Honey Do List of about five years ago. Our closet space from the bedroom was transformed into a TV entertainment center on the living room side of the wall. I even got help from my oldest granddaughter.

The floor level open areas were divided into two sections under the TV. It was supposed to be for knick knacks, plants or decorations. It turned out to be the perfect place to hide or play pretend games for our grandchildren.

One day I remembered that Victoria and Cadence have used those spaces to play drive the car, the truck, the Durango, and the taxi. We have had occasions where they come up to Grandpa, while he is sitting on the sofa, and ask for the tickets to the rides located on the entertainment center.

My wife and I would never had thought that that built-in piece of furniture would be one of the best investments because of the endless moments of play hours that our grandchildren would spend playing there. Even our oldest C.J. and Claudia remember and comment that they were the first to discover the joys of playing pretend in that entertainment center. The TV could be on and we could be watching sports events or a movie while the grandkids are enjoying their pretend games in the spaces located under the TV set.

We ended up leaving those two spaces open for the grandchildren even though the first week we actually had some type of greenery or something that looked appropriate for that space.

The preeminent part during the pretend games was always when one of the grandchildren said those magic words, "Give me something to drink, please." Actually, what they said that I always anticipated and waited for was, "I love you Grandpa." The beauty of that sentence was that if one of the grandchildren said it the others would automatically come over and say the same with an affectionate peck to my cheek. It is like a birthday, a wonderful world that a family makes.

That reminds me, Happy Birthday family USA! We disagree and fight, but we make up like any family. Yes, it is not the perfect country that we thought it could be to all Americans.

However, it is the best place to celebrate Freedom. People still come to America to pursue the American Dream. I, like many other patriots, have had the opportunity to serve our country for the many freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

The presidential race has shown that this nation has progressed in spite of all types of adversities and hardships. To think that it all started with the Declaration of Independence being read out loud with all types of fireworks and celebration events 232 years ago.

Please do not forget to have a safe 4th of July. Do not celebrate without being cautious.

On behalf of my sister and her spouse, thanks for celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on the 4th. To learn more about this celebration on the 4th see

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