Life manages to get in the way of our well thought out plans. Life foils some of our best laid plans for reasons that we do not understand. We may get upset for missing that flight to Boston or the train to Georgia. The point is that sometimes our delays or plans disruptions, in my opinion, are to keep us from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This may sound a little too deep, but that is life.

Let me venture back from dismal. I must say that when any one of our four grandchildren or our godson is visiting, it is always the right time. Those spontaneous conversations that happen out of joy are never lacking natural ingredients for growing cabbage in the rock garden or, in other words, a grand old time.

It is so much fun to partake in the Grandparent family game; your wish is my command. Of course, we do not really verbalize the name of the game. It is just a family expectation that must have been written on the job description when grandchildren were invented.

"We are playing store, Grandpa." Cadence wanted to play store and had an idea or plan as to where to set up a little coffee table as her counter for the store. She is fond of the doorway to our master bedroom as her store location. That is where she wants to set up her cash register, not inside the room or in the hallway but on the threshold. How can Grandpa say no to those lovely bunny eyes?

Her register makes a noise like a realistic product bar scanner with a flashing red light. She just gets a great delight by pretending to sell something, anything. Yes, Mr. Art Linkletter, kids say the darndest things.

I selected a pen to purchase and asked her the price. Each coin that we used had the same value. How much for the pen? I bought the pen for two hundred billion dollars and an index card with notes for one hundred million dollars. For Cadence, at four years, her billion or million has the same value, a lot. It will take some time to realize the amount of money that I spent this day. I was not worried though, I knew that when her dad walk by the store he had to buy something and it was not going to be cheap.

Grandma told me what Cadence said when she woke up in the morning after spending the night. The child had played so much that she drained her batteries. Her first words in the morning were, "Grandma why didn't I wear my pajamas last night when I went to sleep?" Grandma smiled and said that she looked so tired that she didn't have the heart to try and put on her pajamas. Cadence had the answer, "Grandma that means that I'm going to have to stay again tonight so I can wear my pajamas. OK?"