Our house inspector came this morning. He was late, it was a busy Saturday and this was a rescheduled visit.

He was a good-natured man with a sense of humor. He said humor helped him survive. We were on the same wavelength and were able to carry on an interesting conversation with humorous banter while he did his inspecting job duties.

Enjoying his quick wit, I walked with him to show him where the light switches were to keep him in the light.

It is startling how much you can find out about a person in a few minutes of idle conversation. This inspector was in his 30s and had a 9-year-old son.

For the purpose of this narrative, his name is Sabio Maduro. Sabio did the opposite of what our society expects from a normal man when his son was born. He did the honorable thing after he fathered his son without planning for the future.

The son's mother was, in this case, selfish, immature and had many issues to deal with that were more important than her child.

Sabio may not know this, but he certainly stands tall above average man. Our society accepts and considers it OK for the man to escape his responsibility for fathering a child out of wedlock.

Normally, our society expects the mother to take care of the nurturing and rearing of the unexpected child. Obviously society has bias expectations.

We established that Sabio Maduro was not your average gentleman. He is the exception and a fabulous example. I met Sabio for the first time today. Yet, I cannot help but be proud of him. He made sure that his son had everything that he needed by providing a good quality of life.

Sabio luckily found his true soul mate and has been happily married for over six years. His wife hopes to adopt his son, Zabiduria, so that he can have both parents at home.

Zabiduria has lived to tell about many promises made by his mother to gain his favor, which ended up as broken promises. You would think that this son would not want to see or have anything to do with his biological mother.

Wrong, children are forgiving and easily swayed with more promises from absent parents because they want approval. Children are gullible, may feel blame and want to believe almost anything from a birth parent.

Who would think an irresponsible absent mother or father would continue to make promises to their child and not follow through?

Sadly, this happens all too often in just Texas alone, according to state and federal statistics. Talk to anyone in Child Protective Services or adoptive agencies and you will learn firsthand how many of these children are heartbroken and frustrated by the lack of contact from their absent parent.

However, today this inspector came to my house and I learned about his inspiring actions. This exceptional man made the choice to be gainfully employed, raise his son and not worry about the absent parent that cares more about herself than the well-being of her son.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.