This is purported to be an actual happening: A couple of my friends were returning home from Dallas to Houston in their sport utility vehicle with their travel trailer in tow. Charlette planned to drive while John took a nap in the back of the trailer. He peeled off his clothes, except for his jockey shorts, in order to be comfortable while he slept.

The doors to the trailer did not automatically lock; they closed, but were not secure. When Charlette needed to make a stop and started up again abruptly, the doors flew open and he fell out the back, unbeknownst to her. He wasn't hurt except for a few minor scrapes, but, of course, had no identification, money or credit cards with him. And that happened before cell phones.

He finally picked himself up and looked around for something to cover himself with, but to no avail. He started walking, but soon a highway patrolman stopped and put him into the patrol car. John then explained his predicament, telling him the story of what happened. After speaking on his radio, the officer pulled into a small shopping mall and said: "Come with me; I know the manager of a clothing store, so we can get you looking like a pedestrian again."

As they walked into the store, they got a mixed reception, including a few gasps, some smiles, and whistle or two. After the officer reiterated John's story, the store manager said: "We're going to make him a loan to get what he needs, including plane fare home" and after landing at the airport, John called his neighbor to give him a ride home.

When he arrived home, he seemed to have gotten home before his wife, so he decided to mow the grass to kill a little time until his wife arrived. In the meantime, Charlette thought he was still asleep in the back of the travel trailer. She drove into the driveway while using the garage door opener. When she noticed him mowing the yard, she all but fainted and then catapulted into the back of the garage, SUV, trailer and all.

After she recovered, and while sitting on the porch counting their blessings and toasting to each other, Charlette looked at her husband of 38 years and said: "What I wouldn't give to see a picture posted over the mantel of you walking down that highway." To which he replied: "Together with a picture of the look on your face when you saw me already home."

(Writer's Note: Later I was approached by a gentleman who also told me this story and said Charlette was his sister.)