A few words to the voters of this country. After listening to the poll ratings: First, the president with a whopping 24 percent, and our Congress with a historic 3 percent, which sets a world record, it makes me wonder why the voters can't get these money-hungry followers-do-nothing type of people out of office. Why can't we elect a breed of politicians who will actually do what they were elected to do?

Now, Congress has passed a bill to give our Medicare to illegals, which belongs to and paid for by the American seniors to the tune of $100 or more per month. Social Security has been robbed and is also running out. Even if we are lucky enough to throw all these bums out of office, our children and their children will end up having to pay it all back in a century or more if the people don't put a stop to this madness.

We need to consider another direction with people who can remember what they were elected for. I believe all taxpayers should start making a list of the ones we need to get out of the office. At the present time this country is being sold out to the highest bidder, while cheap labor walks the streets.

Never in the history of the United States have we had this type of leadership. They are educated and should know right from wrong. The public may be lots of things, but after a while we get the message that this system is run by Washington D.C. and special interest groups. I have a hard time understanding why this country will support and contribute to illegals and other countries' good and welfare before the people of this country, and use the American tax dollar to do it.

Maybe we need to send half of this administration to run Iraq and Afghanistan and send the other half to man the Mexico borders. Send House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reed back to the farm to milk cows, and invite Bush and Cheney to show them where the milk really comes from.

Elect people who can spell America first. It's amazing we have a homeland security, even with a map they couldn't seem to find Louisiana or Mississippi while costing the taxpayers billions of dollars doing nothing during Katrina and are still looking for our borders and shipping ports. We seem to have the same problem while our National Guardsmen are being pulled off the borders, but not being publicized at the request of guess who?

What does this present administration really want? Do they want to go down in history as one of the worst presidents this country will ever know? I would like to quote what our president said after being in office only six months: "I could do my job a lot better if I was a dictator." The American people are left with only one choice: We need a third party and the quicker the better. The candidates running for president do not seem to have a good horse in the race.

No one has ever said the people's rights will come first if they are elected president. Their debates and "platforms" leave us wondering just what they plan to do about lots of issues.