It's quite possible I might need to take some medication after the 2007-08 NCAA college football season finally comes to an end.

Every week, something unexpected happens to a team that totally throws the entire season upside down.

Favorites such as LSU, Michigan, Florida, USC and Oklahoma are beyond done in their quests to win a national title game.

As of now, Missouri and West Virginia are on top, marking this as one of the most unpredictable college football seasons ever.

While it has been exciting to see the rankings get massively shuffled every week, how great is it that the Heisman Trophy race is just as unpredictable?

Usually, this race is the most boring because everybody already has their favorites picked out.

Last year was just pathetic.

Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith was pretty much locked before the 2006-07 season began.

Smith threw 30 touchdowns and five interceptions for a little over 2,500 yards.

Meanwhile, Hawaii's Colt Brennan threw for 5,549 yards and 58 touchdowns and finished in sixth.

He lost credibility for playing in a weak conference, which I thought was stupid.

Brennan was arguably the best player in college football, but because a lot of people hyped up Smith, and Ohio State finished the regular season unbeaten, he got the Heisman.

This year, many publications had their sights set on USC Trojan quarterback John David Booty, Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and Michigan running back Mike Hart.

For Booty and Hart it is not going to happen, and although there have been times that McFadden faded to obscurity, what he accomplished against No. 1 LSU last week was definitely worthy of the Heisman.

He rushed for 206 yards with three touchdowns and he also threw a passing touchdown as well.

McFadden has rushed for more yards than last year, when he finished second in Heisman voting.

He's averaged 144 yards a game and has scored 15 touchdowns this season.

With numbers like that, there is no reason why this talented back will not make the trip to New York City for the presentation.

Another player putting his name in the hat is Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel.

Rejected by Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown, it's hard to believe with the performance he has had this year that Daniel had somewhat of a tough time getting recruited for being too small to play quarterback.

The guy played for Texas high school powerhouse Southlake Carroll. Why wouldn't you take somebody from that school?

Daniel finally hit six feet before the season began, and although it is still considered small for a quarterback, he has played big this year.

Throwing an average of 329 yards a game with 33 touchdowns and nine interceptions, I'm betting Brown is the one feeling small for letting this Heisman finalist go.

Sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow from Florida has been beyond outstanding this year.

The 6-foot-3 inch scrambler has been more than impressive this year.

Tebow made history this season becoming the first collegiate quarterback to throw 20 touchdown passes and rush for 20 touchdowns in a single season.

It kind of reminds me of a certain former collegiate quarterback who won a title for the Longhorns two years ago.

But that is ancient history. There's no need to bring up the past.

After a great season, despite enduring three losses, the future looks bright for Tebow and it may be even brighter if he wins the Heisman.

Can we get some love for Patrick White?

Who would have thought that the West Virginia Mountaineers have a clear shot at the national title game?

White is a rare breed of quarterback. He has more rushing touchdowns than he does passing, but he has nearly 1,200 yards rushing this year.

With a double threat like that, it is no wonder that West Virginia could be holding the crystal football in New Orleans.

Just like Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon, White is a major necessity for the Mountaineers.

Dixon looked to have the Heisman locked up until he suffered a torn ACL against Arizona that ended all hopes for him.

If White avoids such an injury against Pittsburgh this week, he may be heading to New York as well.

There are two more quarterbacks that I believe are on the outside looking in - Matt Ryan of Boston College and Brennan.

Although Brennan is far from equaling what he did with the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii last year, the 24-year-old senior quarterback is still pulling out impressive numbers, averaging 339 yards a game with 33 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

With a win over Washington this weekend, Brennan could help Hawaii become the lone undefeated team in the top 25, and he could make a stop at the Heisman presentation.

Ryan was once a front-runner until he bombed against Florida State throwing three interceptions, despite throwing for 415 yards.

However, the senior has helped Boston College come back from such a loss and they will face Virginia Tech in the ACC championship this weekend. With a win, Ryan could possibly get back in the hunt. With 329 yards passing per game with 28 touchdowns, why would he be off this short list of finalists?

After mentioning how great these football players have done all year, I think Tebow has the best chance for the Heisman out of all of them.

Sure the Gators have lost three games, but in a conference like the SEC, how could you expect to escape with an undefeated record?

With the performance Tebow has put out this year, Florida would be even worse without him.

He may only be a sophomore, but a performance like that should definitely earn the man some hardware.