As this world becomes swallowed up by foreign countries looking for free handouts, jobs that take no talent, money being paid under the table, and our large corporations controlling the leaders of our great country, there will be a dismal future for our younger generation of this country, as long as our present system of government takes care of some other countries' needs first.

Free money and protection to all countries as long as they do as they are told, and if not, they automatically become our enemy.

At the present time, we have no help for insurance for our children, but we can afford to spend billions of dollars in some foreign country, even give free driver's licenses to illegal aliens so they can drive without insurance, and our winos still sleep in cardboard boxes if they can find a used one, plus 35 percent of our veterans walked the streets with no healthcare. Why not a veterans insurance card?

Is America changing slowly to a dictatorship, and forgotten the citizens are supposed to be running this country? We are trying to set up democracy in other countries, while we are slowly becoming a full-bloom dictatorship by invading other countries and forcing them to change their system of government. This is not the American way.

The American people need to start protesting until the American dream is reinstated, even if we have to have another tea party before it's too late. The future of America is being squeezed out while other countries know there are free benefits in America just for the taking. All they have to do is sell their souls to cheap labor and no citizenship is required, while taxpayers' hard-earned money will pave the road for them, with our great leaders filling their pockets and looking the other way.

I only hope hell is large enough to house all the greedy, money-hungry, poor-excuse-for-human beings. What we need in American government is to put the Republicans, Democrats, president, and anybody else who thinks he's doing a good job, on a slow boat to China "one way only" and have one party which could be called the People's Party where the majority rules and the rest can snooze.

Lobbyists could look for an honest job, after being fingerprinted and put on probation for peddling pay-offs, and once again, the American people could rule the land of the free and the home of the brave.