Today is another a good day. I am glad to be breathing. But please, no matter what you do, please do not tell your friends. Keep this story to yourself. It feels kind of funny having to write this information, even the first time.

Let me start by saying "Grandchildren rule." I have said it before and I will say it again. Let me give you a clear example.

Yesterday, I had to cut down and get ready to move this gorgeous bougainvillea plant that just grew out of this world. Actually, it grew out of its area unexpectedly.

The bougainvillea plant was growing onto a lattice next to the basketball hoop pole. My oldest granddaughter and grandson love to shoot hoops and the plant growth was a hazard.

The bougainvillea plant is a tropical, woody shrub with brilliant flowers. The risky part is that it has huge thorns that will damage anything that brushes up against it. Keep those branches in mind because yesterday I barely had enough sunlight to cut them and spread them on the ground to later pick up for trash day.

Here comes the rule part. Young Cadence, hearing about the thorns

outside on those big branches from the bougainvillea plant, requested that they be removed to have a safe pathway to the swing behind this plant.

Since grandpa could not accommodate for good reasons, her quick wit came up with a solution.

"Grandpa, we'll play with my new Barbies. You can brush their hair and help me fix their outfits," she said.

Now you know why I said that you did not have to tell your friends about

what I did. What can I say? Cadence loves her dolls and she is very sensitive about how anyone treats them.

So here I am, brushing Barbie Doll's hair with a tiny hair brush that I can barely hold with two fingers. But, you know what? I am smiling because Cadence is watching me and making sure I brush correctly.

Honestly, I enjoy being truly lost in my granddaughters' pretend world. I get to forget that I have to deal with concerns or problems in this real world.

We have to remember too, that this pretend world that our children create is very real to them and provides an experience in interaction with other humans.

To see my granddaughter caring and nurturing during her play with

dolls, their wardrobe and accessories is a good sign of a person who will

help make this world a better place.

So, if you want to tell your friends that I did play with dolls and brushed their hair, well I'm OK with that. You see, my granddaughter just woke up from her nap and Grandpa did not clear the path to the swing to play outside.

Yes, dear reader, you guessed it. Grandpa will be playing more, brush, brush, brush dolly's hair with one of his beautiful granddaughters. At my age, this is grand, especially because my granddaughter loves me.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at