Someone said: "Let's all go to my house; I would like you to meet my wife and children. I have been waiting for this day all my life."

As they walked out the front door, they took another look at the bronze statue, especially the poster child, which read 'Jo-Lang' with his dogs tags around his neck, which he wore proudly. You could see a few tears rolling down their cheeks. Melvin, Susie and Walter stayed with Jo-Lang and his wife and children for about a week, exchanging e-mail and addresses, and promising to write and keep in touch.

When Jo-Lang gets his vacation, Jo-Lang and his family planned to spend some time with them and visit some more of his marine family. Jo-Lang said, "At least, I can drive you to the airport."

Soon they were on a plane headed back to Osaka to look for their fugitive, and get on the way back home. Walter said to Melvin, "If our bail bond jumper is hiding in that area, I know of several places where it could take years to find him, but this guy is nobody to mess with, and being oriental, he could know about these places, which a couple of marine buddies and I accidentally discovered one night coming back to the base, after we had been out drinking until two or three in the morning.

When we got to the gate, our buddies and had been replaced by somebody else that we didn't know. The only thing left to do was to swim past the guards and hope they didn't see us. It seemed like we swam a good mile and when we got out of the water, we saw an opening in an old cave that had been used by the Japanese during World War II, when this was used as a submarine base.

We decided to spend the night and make roll call at nine o'clock in the morning. It was a very large cave full of guns, ammo, and lots of sea rations - all kinds of stuff to survive on.

"If this guy knew about these places, he could hide out forever, but I know a way in which we could get in without his seeing us, to possibly save your life." Melvin said, "Or yours. We will check it out, Dad, after a few hours of rest."

Early one morning Melvin and Walter decided to see if they could find Monsoon. Melvin told Walter, "Lead the way, but don't get us lost." It seemed like they had walked for miles, when Walter said, "It's just around the corner." When they looked in the cave, they could see their bail bond jumper sound asleep on a cot. As they walked up to the cot, Monsoon opened his eyes and starred down the barrel of a .357 Magnum.

The bail bond jumper said, "I traveled 5,000 miles from home and I still can't get any rest." Melvin told him, "Where you are going, you will get a chance to catch up on your beauty sleep." He then handcuffed Monsoon and headed back to get ready to catch a plane to go back home.

As they waved goodbye to Osaka, Dad looked at Melvin and Susie and said, "Thanks for making my dreams come true."

Melvin and Susie said, "It was worth the trip just to see that smile on your face, but a little of that Tokyo Boogie could go a long ways. Catching the bail bond jumper was a bonus, of course, and thanks for your help. Maybe you can go on a 'hunting' trip with us more often."