How lucky can grandparents be? I will answer that question.

Victoria and C.J. were visiting again and I could not wait to work the Laugh Mobile into the conversation. I knew I had the right votes, like a tenured politician working the crowd. We talked, laughed and I planned how to unfold my plan without getting in trouble.

I knew that our grandchildren would be hungry because it was just past four o'clock in the afternoon. The Laugh Mobile does not look that great and is still a work in progress. I did not figure my wife and daughter would be interested in going anywhere in that vehicle. I had chosen my words carefully.

"Anybody hungry?" I asked.

The response was immediate and affirmative. Now came the tricky part.

"Where do we want to go?" I asked. Again the answer was immediate and clear.

"McDonald's," Victoria said. That was the easy part.

"Who wants to go in the Laugh Mobile?" I asked.

We voted, a technique I learned from politicians. My daughter and my wife voted for my wife's van and our grandchildren voted for the Laugh Mobile. My wife and my daughter looked at me and kind of rolled their eyes at me because they knew what I had done.

I smiled and voted for the Laugh Mobile.

"Can we get five people in this Laugh Mobile?" my wife asked.

"Yes, we can," I replied.

C.J. volunteered to sit in the rear seat. Quickly he helped fasten the car seat for Victoria. It was not as much of a chore this time because we remembered from our ice cream trip a couple of weeks ago. My wife and daughter knew that they could not disappoint our four-year-old granddaughter because her eyes were full of delight and bursting excitement that should not be denied any child.

My wife and daughter both laughed because they knew that I had used our grandchildren to coax everyone into a ride of merriment in the Laugh Mobile. They did not want to use this vehicle, but they did.

It is an extra effort to move the tools and miscellaneous items to use this work in progress, beauty of the future. The instrument panel needs lights replacemed, so we used a flashlight on the instrument panel to assure we were abiding by the speed limits.

This vehicle does ride well, except for the tractor sounding motor and the gentle bouncing when we ride down the highway. Honestly, I could see that my wife and daughter were glad that they agreed to take this unforgettable ride. We had a great meal. I drank water and ate about five fries. I am learning from my daughter and am cutting down on soft drinks this year and hope to eliminate them from my diet.

C.J. said that the Laugh Mobile has everything we need to go out for a meal - a roll of paper towels if we spill anything and money on the floor to buy ice cream. We all laughed in agreement.

It was true that I had paper towels handy in lieu of clean-up rags when the mechanic tuned the motor. Yes, there were coins on the floor of the vehicle emptied from the glove box during the same tune-up. We laughed some more because it was a happy drive.

We made a final stop store to get some ice cream for the three kids. And maybe I felt like a kid, but it was a great family driving adventure indeed.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at