My topic of the day: communication. Communication is not very easy to achieve in person. It even becomes tougher when you try to communicate by telephone or in writing.

I have a teaching degree in communication and believe me I have failed in communication as well or better than anyone. I just get up from my fall and try again like a human should.

Remember that communication is basically or simply made up of a message from a sender to a receiver.

The roles change when the answer is sent. The receiver will now become the sender and the sender becomes the receiver. The message goes back and forth and sometimes it carries the wrong information because we are not thinking of the actual breakup of the message in order to get to the receiver.

Both sender and receiver have to be in tune to each other to get the correct message being sent. However, the message arrives in three major parts with the ever-present static of the airwaves.

The breakdown of any message is in three parts as follows: The words, the tone, and the body language/facial expression.

According to reliable research studies in oral communication and speech, these three parts or divisions carry different weight of the actual message being sent.

Surprisingly enough words are 7 percent of any message; the tone (vocal/volume) is 38 percent and the body language (facial expression/attitude) carries 55 percent of the message sent. That is why communication is usually so difficult to achieve successfully. To get the right message from the sender to the receiver becomes a process that we have to practice to communicate a message successfully.

Therefore, communication becomes difficult with our children, spouse, parents, friends and others that are significant or insignificant in our lives.

Because we are human, we are "quick to misunderstand."

That's what we do best. We jump to conclusions. We fall down with the best of them, but we have the ability to get up and do better. That is what humans do in daily life. Our choice is how we communicate our message.

We have been taught to think or believe that words stand at full face value such as "yes" or "no." Keep in mind, "words are 7 percent" of any message sent.

So in reality, it's not that simple to communicate.

Fact: "tone is 38 percent" of any message sent by the sender to the receiver. That's voice volume: loudly, softly, sternly, seriously, sweetly, bossy, pitch, screeching, modulation, monotone, fading, lacking interest, etc.

"Body language is 55 percent" and the biggest part of message. Body language makes up the attitude of that message from the sender to the receiver. Facial expressions impact the meaning of the word "yes" or "no" by 55 percent variation. Crossing your arms, tilting head, raising an eyebrow, pursing lips and wagging a finger are all part of the body language that makeup any message.

The obvious contaminates - smiles, twisted/contorted facial expressions (with fear, anger, love, or other emotions) - are always present.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at