Why do we have to pay almost a lifetime to get the selfless, unconditional love from our grandchildren? You know?

Well, I salute those parents able to recognize their children's unconditional love early in their child's life. If so, were you able to take it to the next state of the maturity level?

During my early years of marriage, I was too busy working, fighting this world's addictions and trying to recover from the insanity of being a surviving soldier from the Vietnam War. Do I regret that I did not get to the maturity and development level that I am now when we started raising our daughters? Without a doubt, yes.

We cannot change the past, though, can we? Sometimes, we have to recognize our past mistakes or failures in order to achieve other success, with some exceptions.

Presently, I just unreservedly love it when I hear certain wonderful music, seven notes and it is a music chord to my ears, a wondrous word, spoken by our grandkids, "G-r-a-n-d-p-a."

It is healing music. Talk about hitting the perfect notes. Wow or 'Zawie' as David Letterman would say.

Is it a bundle of human angelic energy that they transfer? Yes, and I can even see their glowing, beautifully exaggerated eyes. I see the smile going from ear to ear when that is not even possible. I want to freeze that Kodak moment.

My youngest daughter was having a garage sale and I helped. Family quality time mixed in with a little work.

Cadence, 4, wanted to play with her Toy-Kitchen inside but we had to redirect her energy activities to be outside with us. She played with her colors, and drew some fantastic original art.

Cadence was also going in and out of the house - for what, I do not know. Do children need any reason? Soon she tired of colors and a different activity was put together by her mom.

That was not the best time I have had with Cadence. Yet, hearing her talk to some of the shoppers was eventful in itself. It is amazing how easily she can carry a conversation which makes you forget that you are talking to a child.

Then, those words were spoken, "I want to go spend the night with you and grandma." Where did those words come from? Left field?

Normally it is something that is quite easily arranged. However, currently life is getting in the way with some unexpected activities that have to be completed.

Sometimes necessary life activity does not allow more quality time to be spent with our grandchildren.

Hopefully, later on in the summer we will be able to align our schedules again. Truthfully, the energy that grandkids bring is short of miraculous. I will not lie and say that it is not exhausting - it is.

Is it worth it? The answer is thoroughly "Yes."

It is a shame that we have to wait so long to find, see and use the wisdom earned in life.

It is a blessing to recognize that sometimes the possibility exists of sharing wisdom with our children as it was shared by the elders in our lifetime.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.