"It was the size of a mustard seed." That is what my friend said as we spoke about our similar experiences.

We both agreed that the reason for our familial success was that we both had at least that much faith. Yet, if it is "fe fuerte" (Spanish translation "strong faith"), it can be powerful enough to strengthen your common sense with struggles of right and wrong.

Both of our families have grown daughters and not all daughters or sons maintain the "fe fuerte" that is necessary to overcome the obstacles that daily life presents and usually without warning.

Or we may be oblivious to the clues because we are distracted by other concerns that seem more important or require more time and attention.

My friend's spouse was going through some difficult times at his job due to change in management that wanted to bring in their own people (crew) to work. The new management did not want to fire her husband because it was too obvious and would appear as blatant discrimination.

We will call the spouse Harry, a fictitious name. Harry was a hard worker and performed his job very well. In essence he got demoted and two men were brought in to replace him.

Harry's family had plans to take a vacation. Since Harry was now in a new job, he was not allowed to take vacation until he proved himself in the new job he had been demoted to work.

Also, he was asked to make plans to work weekends.

"There goes our vacation plans," he thought out loud.

"Nuestra fe siempre ha sido fuerte." That means that the family faith had always been strong. Size does not matter, we agreed, sometimes all you need is a little faith to strengthen the family.

I added that when I was working in the Dallas area and wanted to get a transfer to the Coastal Bend area, I asked my wife to muster up a little faith the size of a mustard seed to add to mine and that would make a difference.

She agreed and our combined strength was enough cosmic energy to connect with the positive energy that eventually offered me a job transfer close to home. That is how strong my belief is for our family.

Harry found another job. He had been making good money and had dedicated many years of loyal service to this company, but he was now unhappy working there. Management had changed and did not appreciate Harry.

Harry had the strong conviction that he could find another job because of his skills and work ethic. He gave notice to the new management and his family took their much needed and planned vacation.

Harry found another job where he is appreciated and is well-compensated financially for his work.

We lamented about our own individual daughters who lacked that faith the size of mustard seed. We were both sad that it is so difficult to communicate to our offspring that the size or amount of faith does not really matter.

As long as it is strong and it is all in the belief, that will have the power to shake the salt or rattle the world of a child to adulthood where everything is possible because of the strong familial faith the size of a mustard seed.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.