We were invited to supper at our daughter's home in Corpus Christi. There were some grocery items that were needed, so my 12-year-old granddaughter joined me shopping.

There was a list and she took responsibility for it. Well, we got to HEB and the parking lot was full. We had to wait for a car that we spotted leaving. It's barely 6 p.m. and this is a Thursday. What is all the hustle and bustle about?

We finally got squared away in the parking lot. We went inside the store and the crowds in the lines were incredible. "Can it be Christmas already? It's not pay day is it?" It seemed a little bit unusual that a lot of men were shopping and happy about it.

Finally I had to ask. I stopped one of the many smiling fathers. Most were happily walking around shopping with their family following and others were rushing by themselves. The parent I spoke to was representative of the happy-go-lucky attitude of most of the men doing the shopping. Many were actually carrying groceries without a cart.

"What's with the extraordinary large crowds?" The man answered: "The NFL and Time Warner Cable are not broadcasting the game. You need the NFL Network or something."

Who would have thought a football game between two NFL teams with 10-1 records would command such great interest?

Yes, the Cowboys clinched a playoff spot with a 37-27 win against the Green Bay Packers. Tony Romo out-dueled Brett Favre with four TD passes. How can Cowboys owner Jerry Jones live with himself now?

OK, so we forgot our shopping list in the car due to all the commotion going on at HEB. Using my cellular phone, I called home to avoid a walk to the parking lot. Now, we focused on our shopping.

We arrived at home and we even remembered to get the dog food for their pet. Our 3-year-old decided to sit with grandpa during this dinner. She is very precocious and talkative. Strangely enough, she is also a good listener. I found that out today. I was talking to my daughter and without thinking I continued our conversation in Spanish because my daughter likes to improve her language skills.

As soon as I changed languages, our 3-year-old said with a big grin: "Grandpa you're talking Spanish." She was giggling simultaneously like only little girls do when something seems funny to them. We all started laughing in unison as if in response to a great joke. The best was yet to come.

Our preteen granddaughter who helped me with the grocery shopping had been stressed out a bit and was somewhat embarrassed because she forgot our shopping list. I sighed and pointed when I noticed her genuinely glowing smile that resulted when she heard her little sister's words.

Next, little sister demonstrated her biggest fake smile to get a comment too. Trust me, both smiles were priceless.