It has been brought to my attention many times by my granddaughter that I am "so last century."

Usually when I make her listen to my radio station or when I tell her she has to let me know where she is going, and with whom, is when she lets me know I'm too old-fashioned. I tell her that little kids think she is old.

I really think it's funny when a song she listens to is a remake of one that I grew up hearing. I start singing the song and she asks me: "How on earth do you know that song?" I just love informing her that it's an old song that someone has redone. The look on her face is priceless.

We went to her first quinceanera a few weeks ago. My granddaughter is 12. She had been asked to be a dama but didn't want to do it. Now she really wants to have her own quinceanera. I told her that since all of our family lives in other states, she would only be able to have a little one.

My grandson, 14, is growing up too fast for me, too. He even has a deep voice.

All this is to say that time is passing by too fast for me and another year is almost at an end.

Who knew when this year started that we would be paying over $4 a gallon in gas or that the price of groceries would be more than they've ever been. In a world of change, it's nice to know that libraries are still one of the cheapest entertainments in the nation. Ours is free.

The only time you have to pay is if you are late returning your items, need a copy or have lost an item.

Jean Meadors is the children's librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.