Wow, I had a really great time in Mazatlan this past week. I spent eight great days in a very interesting city on the west coast of Mexico. My best friend and her parents got together for a fun vacation.

We went to the beach, the water was really cold, but I enjoyed walking in the sand and picking up seashells. We went to a mangrove swamp and saw lots of pretty birds. The tide went out on our boat ride back to the city and there were literally hundreds of shore and water birds picking through the grass left by the low tides.

It was a real hoot too having a group of brown pelicans ride on the top of our little boat. We had frigate birds following us back most of the way to the pier.

Michelle and I also went on a birding trip to the edge of the mountains. We saw many, many birds. I got to see a beautiful bird called the black-throated magpie jay. It has a very long, beautiful purple tail. We don't get those birds up here.

I know we saw over 69 different species of birds (we had more but didn't know what kind of bird we were seeing so we didn't count them).

I missed seeing my storytime children, but had a great time being with friends and not having to do dishes or make my bed or cook supper.

We will be having a very special event at 4 p.m. Sunday. We will be having our "Clif Moss Nature Center" dedication with a very special guest speaker. For those of you in the birding field, we will be having David Sibley of the bird guides come give us a talk. This event is free.

For you and your family we will be having another very special event at 2 p.m. March 1. The Texas State Aquarium will be bringing their "Eyes in the Skies/ Raptors in South Texas" exhibit to the library. One of the best parts of the program will be the live swainson's hawk that will accompany the presentation. I've never seen this bird up close and in person before, so be sure and have you and your family come join us for a special time.

Remember, P.J. storytime is Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and family storytimes are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. Come join our fun time with stories, songs, fingerplays and puppets.

Jean Meadors is the children's librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.