Did you know that multiplication is funny? I find it odd that there are so many rules and ways to make numbers do weird things. Take the nine times tables.

If you multiply 9 x 2 you get 18, take the answer and add them together and you get 9 (1+8=9). If you multiply 9x3, the answer 27 also adds up to 9 (2+7=9). All the answers to the nine's table add up to 9.

Take the answers to the nine's tables: 18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81. The first number starts with 1 and goes up to 8. The last number starts with 8 and goes down to one. So you can count 1 to 8 both ways with the nine's tables.

I like to tell the kids that they can give me the biggest number in the world and I could tell them a number, that when it's multiplied by that number, is always zero. Guessed the answer? Of course, it's zero. I also tell the kids that they can give me a number that I can multiply that number by another number and get the same number. Got that answer? It's the number one.

Don't ask me why I got to thinking about multiplication. If you know me very well, you know I don't multiply very well. It was always one of my weakest areas, but sometimes you can find fun ways to learn the multiplication tables.

I had surgery Dec. 14 and everything went well. I just have to wear a walking cast for about a month and hopefully I won't limp anymore. I just feel like a peg leg pirate clomping through the library.

We are slowly but surely getting the library totally ready. We hope that you will enjoy all the new art and things that are happening at the library.

Remember Wednesday and Thursday storytimes at 11 a.m. will still be held during the holidays.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed their families. Come by and see us for the holidays.