One thing for sure, the one thing I can count on is change. I've been firming up plans for the unveiling of the Columbian Mammoth leg bones along with the Ice Age Mural by Dinah Bowman.

The artist/sculpture/exhibit creator at UT -Austin who is building the support system for the leg bones called to tell me that the box of foot and toe bones weren't going to work.

There was a mix of bones from four different leg/foot bones plus a horse bone. There are distinct differences between left and right feet and front and back feet. We have the front left leg bones. UT and the artist aren't going to prepare an exhibit that is not scientifically correct. They have been in contact with the professor at TAMU-Kingsville who found and gave us the bones we have. When I called them during the past week they were already digging through the boxes of bones there. If worst comes to worst we may just have to do without the foot bones.

Ironically, UT had a front right foot that could have been used for the exhibit, but we need a left foot. Of course this will delay the July 25 date that I had set up. We wanted it in conjunction with the opening of the "Ice Age 3" movie and the ending of the Summer Reading Program since we are targeting the children for this event.

LaRetama Central Library is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year and will be having a big event the first weekend in October. With that date in mind and my planned vacation trip of two weeks in mid-September that leaves late August for the target date. I thought the first Saturday in September would be a good time, but after a glance at the calendar it turned out to be Labor Day Weekend, definitely not a good Saturday for our plans. I'll keep you posted as to when the date will be reset.

In the meantime, the Summer Reading Program is in full swing and we will be going non-stop until July 18. Miss Jean took a week vacation beforehand this time and will be entitled to collapse afterward. I know the Hook's baseball team is again having a reading program that will reward the kiddos with free prizes and/or tickets for reading different amounts of books according to their school grades (year in school, not A, B, Cs etc.).

If you enjoy visiting the library and don't have children that you will be bringing with you, it would be a good idea to pick up a calendar of activities in order to avoid a crowded parking lot and scores of children having a great time and not necessarily a quiet time.